Sacred Space - Sacred Rhythms - Sacred Future 'Insights from Celtic spirituality': Ray Simpson

Post date: May 03, 2015 3:32:38 PM

A beautiful autumn day greeted 45 participants of this workshop to learn about Celtic spirituality through the ages, and to discuss the current revival in this ancient and moving approach to life.  Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the International Community of Aidan and Hilda, from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne UK, explained the origins of the celtic churches in the UK, its subsequent interactions with Roman Christianity, and explored why it appeals to people today. 

His calm, eloquent style also introduced us to the idea that the core approach of Celtic spirituality is completely appropriate for an Australian context and meshes well with the ancient approach to life of Australia's indigenous people.  Ray, along with an Australian theologian Brent Lyons Lee, has recently published a book "Celtic Spirituality in the Australian Landscape" which explores these ideas.  The beauty of the day was complemented by the gift of a piper in full regalia (the son of an audience member) who evoked the celtic roots of many Australians by piping us back into the chapel after one of the breaks. We only lacked a digerido player to represent a complementary sound of an Australian celtic approach!