Map & Directions

Old Friary, 139 Brookfield Rd, Kenmore Hills, Queensland 4069

Site map

The diagram below shows how to enter from Brookfield Rd, the car park, and the main buildings.  If driving, take the right hand fork in the driveway and turn right into the main car park.  The Main entrance to St Christopher's Lodge faces the grassy area near the Chapel.  Please note that St Clare's Cottage is a private residence.


BCC Buses to and from The Friary:

Bus No. 435 along Brookfield Rd passes the Old Friary ('Friary' bus stop No. 39 as shown). Many other buses (e.g. 444; 430; 432; 433) reach the roundabout at Kenmore Village but continue along Moggill Rd so you would need to get off at Kenmore Village roundabout and walk 1.2km up the hill to the Old Friary.  The main interchange for connecting to these buses is the Indooroopilly Shoppingtown Bus Station.  Indooroopilly railway station is near the Indooroopilly bus station.

Driving directions (outbound from Kenmore):

Travel along Moggill Rd until you reach the Kenmore Village roundabout.  Take the second exit onto Brookfield Rd. Proceed downhill into the valley then up the hill just past the Iona Retirement Village.  At the crest of the hill just past Iona, slow down so that you can turn right into the driveway at 139 Brookfield Rd.  This entry services both "Friary Fields" estate (left hand fork) and the Old Friary (right hand fork).

Driving directions from Brookfield/Gap Creek Road:

If travelling along Brookfield Rd towards Kenmore, continue past (or out of) Gap Creek Rd and, on the straight section of road, turn left just before the road starts to curve downhill towards the Iona Retirement Village.  If you find yourself at Kenmore Village roundabout you have gone too far!